Andrew Wofford is a highly motivated and experienced Arts Educator who is
passionate about storytelling. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from California
Institute of the Arts, he possesses a strong foundation in performing arts and a deep
understanding of the transformative power of theater education. He is an Italian American
actor, director, educator & producer currently residing in Brooklyn NY. He is currently a
Teaching Artist at The Classical Theatre of Harlem and is overjoyed to now be an Artist in
Residency. He is the founder of Lead to Succeed, an arts education workshop focused on
using theatre techniques to help kids build life skills, such as understanding physical and
verbal communication, breath support, active listening, emotional intelligence and living
moment to moment. Directing credits include: This is Our Youth, Columbinus, A Hatful of
, Touch and Orphans. Producing credits include: A feature film titled Why Lie? Beer,
Woman, Chicken Wings. Short films Balloon, Mr. Bowling Ball, Snake Eyes, & Attack. Acting
credits include: We are Proud to Present… (Actor #3) Dir. Nataki Garrett, I Pagliacci
(featured actor) Dir. Franco Zeffirelli, Merchant of Venice (Gratiano) Dir. Mary Lou Rosato,
Hamlet (Horatio) Dir. Nikhil Pai and King Lear (Edmond) Dir. Mary Lou Rosato.