Cultivating the Joy of Theatre Arts Education in Harlem


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The education department’s mission is to cultivate a lifelong love for the performing arts, nurture artistic talents, and foster personal growth among the next generation of theatre arts professionals. We are dedicated to providing dynamic, innovative, and culturally rich in and afterschool theatre arts programming that ignites imagination, builds confidence, and instills a sense of belonging within our diverse community.


We envision a world where our community in Harlem can enjoy the transformative power of storytelling through theater arts education from early childhood to adulthood. Theatre arts education lives beyond the classroom. It is the continuous journey and sharpening of our artistry through levity and joy creation. This joy and representation of stories should be accessible to all people regardless of background, race, religion, national origin or disability. We are committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community that thrives on the magic of storytelling.

The Benefits of Arts Education

Creating educational offerings or programs for a nonprofit theater in Harlem that works with youth can be a wonderful way to engage the community and promote the arts. Here are some programmatic offerings:

  1. Youth Theater Workshops: Offer theater workshops for youth in Harlem and beyond. These workshops can cover acting techniques, physical theatre, improvisation, directing, and more. We partner with local schools and community based organizations to reach a wider reach.
  2. Free Summer Theater Camp: We organize a summer theater intensive that provides intensive training in acting, singing, dancing, and other aspects of theater. Our summer camp culminates in a performance 2 showcases where our students demonstrate what they have learned.
  3. After-School Programs: Collaborate with local schools to offer after-school theater programs. Our after-school programming supports our students’ artistic development in their acting skills and provides a safe and productive after-school activity.
  4. Youth Production: Through our in-school programming we support youth production groups that work on producing their own plays or musicals. We teach our students the value of teamwork, leadership, and all aspects of theater production.
  5. Mentorship Programs: Pair experienced theater professionals with youth interested in theater for one-on-one mentorship. This can provide valuable guidance and networking opportunities.
  6. Educational Partnerships: Partner with local schools and colleges to offer theater education as part of the curriculum. This can include workshops, guest lectures, and access to your theater’s resources.
  7. Workshops for Teachers: Offer professional development workshops for teachers in Harlem, focusing on integrating theater into the classroom to enhance students’ creativity and communication skills.

Public Engagement

Our Public engagement program is about connecting and building community through the joy of theatre and storytelling. We strive to create opportunities for us to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our communities through the stories we see on and off stage. 

  1. Community Outreach: We organize community outreach events that bring theater to Harlem and our Uptown neighborhoods. This involves free outdoor performances, workshops, and interactive events in public spaces.
  2. Collaborate with Community Partners: We collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, arts institutions, and local businesses to expand the reach of their educational programs and share resources.

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