A Progressive Take on the 19th Century Classic

Written by Catherine Bush Adapted From the Novel by Alexandre Dumas.

Directed by Jenny Bennett. Choreographed by Tiffany-Rea Fisher. Fight choreography by Emmanuel Brown.

FREE and Open to Public

In Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park at the Richard Rogers Amphitheater

Opening Night

Sunday, July 9


July 7 – 30
Tuesday – Sunday


New York, NY — The Classical Theatre of Harlem (Ty Jones, Producing Artistic Director) presents the New York premiere of The Three Musketeers, written by Catherine Bush and adapted from the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas.

It’s all for one and one for all as D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers fight to protect the ones they love from the sinister exploits of Cardinal Richelieu. A swashbuckling tale replete with lavish fights and sweeping romance, The Three Musketeers reminds us that together with strength, courage, wit and wisdom, you can always defend what you believe in.

An action-packed adventure fit for the whole family, The Three Musketeers follows the escapades of the brave d’Artagnan, who seeks to join the legendary Three Musketeers- the cynical Athos, the vain Porthos and the priestly Aramis- in order to defend the honor of the King and Queen against the villainous Cardinal Richelieu. Meanwhile, Richelieu’s top agents, the bloodthirsty Rochefort and femme fatale Milady de Winter, carry out an intricate plan to sabotage the Queen and undermine the King’s power.

As this 19th century classic was written by Dumas, a Frenchman of Haitian ancestry, the design is inspired by an Afro-Caribbean aesthetic with a nod to 17th century European architecture. Vivid patterns and textures will add an unexpected flair to period costumes setting the scene for Bennett’s fresh take on the timeless piece.

“Last year, we chose to do Macbeth because I believe that it’s Shakespeare’s most politically significant play, and we are living in politically significant times. The unrest following the 2017 election has now escalated, and the current social climate has our entire political system under indictment. A new majority must be forged, one where the pursuit of ethical truths and the recognition of our shared humanity outweighs our appetite for hyper-individualism and status. The main characters in ‘The Three Musketeers’, though from different backgrounds, must forge an alliance to combat the reprobate behavior of those in the ruling class. ‘All for one and one for all’ is a call to action that resonates now more than ever,” -Ty Jones, Producing Artistic Director of The Classical Theatre of Harlem.

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