Written by Phil Hopkins & Malynda Hale


USERNAME is a play with music about technology, racial justice, addiction, and spirituality that puts music at the heart of healing and reconciliation. 
Clio is a Black female hacker and electronic musician in her late 20s who spends her time disrupting hate groups online as part of her personal mission of social and racial justice. 
Her life is upended with the return of her younger sister Jade, a musician and recovering meth addict who was adopted as a child into the same family that Clio grew up in.
Jade’s relationship with her off and on boyfriend Will is strained due to his negative influence on her, and his ambiguous stance about his family’s involvement with suspicious groups. 
As Clio tries to get the word out widely about the connections she uncovers between hate groups and politicians, she faces tough choices about how to help Jade get back on her feet and recover from addiction, and to help her get away from Will.
This play with music pushes the stylistic boundaries of musical theater, and confronts timely issues with urgency and nuance, including the value of music as a force of spiritual redemption. 
USERNAME was written by Phil Hopkins, an electronic musician whose experience as a hacker and recovering addict inform the show, and Malynda Hale, the host of the Black Voices Heard podcast and a singer/songwriter with a decade in the music industry.


Ryan Alvarado


Alyssa Gomez


Christina Sajous


Dana Watkins

Eric & Nathan


Ty Jones

Producing Artistic Director

Bianca LaVerne Jones


Kahlil Daniel

Music Director & Reader

Sergei Burbank


Brianna Koloszvary

Production Stage Manager

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